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Personal injury result of Florida state road 420 crash

Anyone who has ever navigated Florida highways knows how stressful it can be. No matter how alert and cautious a driver might be, if another motorist is negligent, it can be disastrous. A personal injury situation occurred recently when two vehicles on state road 429 collided.

It was just shy of 9 a.m. when the incident took place. In most states, this is typically a busy time of day traffic-wise because many morning commuters are traveling to work. It was not yet known exactly what caused the crash; however, upon impact, a pole came down on the road, prompting officials to shut down the area to all travelers. 

Florida pedestrian, victim of fatal personal injury collision

In Florida and some other states, public transportation buses often have bike racks on their front ends. A man who was about to board a bus in Junction City recently had no way of knowing that he was experiencing the final hours of his life when he secured his bicycle on the rack. Sadly, the man never got to take his seat on the bus because a vehicle suddenly careened across a traffic lane and struck the bus head-on, as well as the man who was caught in between the two vehicles. The driver of the vehicle also suffered personal injury.  

The bicyclist was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. He later succumbed to his injuries. The motorist's injuries were not life-threatening. Thankfully, no one else on the bus or in the vicinity was injured in the collision.  

Personal injury and several fatalities result of Florida crash

No matter how cautious and alert a Florida motorist happens to be, if a nearby driver is negligent, it can lead to disaster. Personal injury (which in many cases, proves fatal) is often the result of distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or outright reckless behavior at the wheel. While preliminary investigations did not reveal the exact cause, a recent tragedy suggests something was awry moments before a head-on collision occurred.

A sport utility vehicle was reportedly traveling in a northbound direction when the accident took place. An older vehicle, which is said to have been moving at a high rate of speed, suddenly veered across the yellow line dividing traffic lanes. The vehicle smashed head-on into the SUV.

Seeking appropriate compensation for permanent accident injuries

A serious car accident can change your life. In the moment of a collision, you may be facing expenses that your Florida family cannot manage, as well as injuries that will not ever go away. If you suffered permanent injuries in an accident that was the result of another person's recklessness or negligence, you have options. You could have grounds to seek compensation through an injury claim. 

When accident victims have permanent injuries, it is a significant financial burden. There are extensive costs associated with these types of injuries, and you may need support for the rest of your life. As an accident victim, you may have a rightful claim to damages and compensation that will allow you to get the care you need, as long as you need it.

Police say drunk driver killed 3 men

Following Hurricane Michael, many electricians and other workers traveled to Florida from other locations throughout the country to aid in the recovery efforts in areas that were devastated by the storm. Among the workers were three electricians, two of whom had been away from their families and community for approximately two weeks when tragedy struck. All three were killed when a suspected drunk driver hit them.

The incident happened on a recent Wednesday evening. The workers were reportedly repairing damaged power lines at the time. Two of them worked for the same company and were dispatched from another state. Their ages were listed as 52 and 22.

Is your Florida doctor liable for medical malpractice?

When a Florida resident is charged with a crime, the court presumes innocence unless prosecutors can prove otherwise. When a medical malpractice claim is filed, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, meaning if you accuse your doctor of causing you injury, you must show the court evidence to support your claim. There are several key strategies to help you do so.  

Enlisting the support of another licensed doctor who practices in the same field as the physician who caused your injury is a useful means of adding merit to your medical malpractice claim. When you entrust your health to licensed medical professionals, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. However, your doctor's negligence is not considered an inherent risk; in fact, medical negligence is generally easily preventable, which is why the law allows any patient who suffers injury due to such negligence to seek legal accountability against any and all of those deemed liable.  

Florida store clerks call cops, leading to a drunk driving arrest

A Florida man is now facing some serious legal problems after his trip to an ice cream shop on a recent Monday evening. Police say they took the man into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. The situation began when workers called police because they noticed the man's vehicle was damaged when he pulled into the store's parking lot.  

Store employees say the man's driver's side tire appeared damaged when he arrived at their establishment. They requested that police come to the scene because the man had entered the store without a shirt and they suspected that he was intoxicated. Police arrived shortly thereafter and later reported that the man took off running when he saw them. 

Woman says sparkling water caused her personal injury

Florida sparkling water consumers really have no way of knowing what is in the products they drink other than by reading the ingredient list on the label. A class action lawsuit has been filed in another state because a group of consumers believes that they purchased a product that was supposed to have all-natural ingredients. They say not only is that a false statement but the products in question caused personal injury.  

One woman who says she suffered injury after drinking a particular brand of sparkling water says one of the ingredients in the product is a component of an insecticide that is used to kill cockroaches. This is one of several toxins allegedly contained in the product. The Food and Drug Administration does not have specific regulations regarding the legal definition of natural; however, it does state that the agency expects products labeled as such to be free of synthetic or artificial ingredients.                             

Fatal personal injury was tragic result of recent Florida crash

There are times when driving along scenic Florida roadways can be a pleasant way to spend a day. However, if a negligent or reckless driver is nearby, an otherwise uneventful trip can quickly turn tragic. A recent Tuesday in Lakeland was just such a day when not one personal injury but several fatal ones occurred in a multiple vehicle accident.  

While it is not known exactly where the occupants of three separate vehicles were traveling at the time, the end result was a massive-impact collision. One of the vehicles, a sedan, was headed in a westbound direction. The crash investigation remains ongoing at this time, and it is not yet known what may have caused the driver of that vehicle to veer across the yellow line into the eastbound lane.  

Truck accidents on the rise -- should the government step in?

Because of the larger size and heavy weight of many semitrailers, Florida readers know accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles often result in grave consequences. The number of accidents involving large trucks is increasing nationwide, and there are many people who believe the government should take measures to fight this troubling trend. Many hope the government will mandate the installation of crash avoidance technology. 

There is technology available that would alert truckers in certain situations, allowing them to avoid crashes. Despite the widespread call for this to be a requirement in the trucking industry, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declined to make this a priority. It is possible failing to do this has led to accidents that were otherwise preventable.

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