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Negligence claimed in medical malpractice case

The death of a family member is often a difficult thing for people to come to terms with. Some people, as some Florida residents may know, never fully recover from that loss, especially if they believe that their loved one's death could have been prevented. One woman has filed a complaint, claiming that medical malpractice and negligence ultimately caused the death of a male patient in January of last year. 

In her lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that doctors failed to provide the care that highly skilled and qualified professionals should have been able to provide. Her suit alleged that doctors failed to fully explore the patient's abdominal cavity and caused a perforation of the duodenum, a part of the small intestine. These things, the suit claims, eventually caused the patient to suffer from septicemia, or blood poisoning, and ultimately led to his death.

Jogger suffers personal injury in hit-and-run accident

People across the country are constantly distracted by their cellphones in some way, whether it be by a text, social media or a simple phone call. While this constant level of distraction is not normally a problem, other than being slightly frustrating, this can quickly change if the distracted individual is behind the wheel of a car. In Florida, a young man suffered a personal injury after being hit by a driver who was distracted by his cellphone. 

Earlier this month, on the evening of April 3, a 17-year-old jogger was running along the side of a street when he was struck by a pickup truck. He was seriously injured in the crash, but the driver of the truck that hit the boy fled the scene soon after. Witnesses say that the driver drove through a yard and ran into a parked van. Eventually, the teenager was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries to his face and skull as well as a sprained ankle. 

Woman accused of drunk driving with a child in the car

Alcohol affects people in a variety of different ways. Some become overly reckless and careless, while others attempt to be overly cautious. However, actions that an impaired individual believes to be cautious or safe might actually be just as dangerous as more typically reckless behaviors. A mother in Florida was accused of drunk driving after police stopped her on a busy roadway. 

The woman was stopped when an officer allegedly saw her driving five to ten miles per hour down a busy street where the speed limit was 40 miles per hour. She also appeared to be driving with four flat tires. After pulling her over, the authorities discovered that there was a child in the back of the car.

Drugged drivers threaten the safety of other Florida motorists

When a driver consumes something that affects his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle, it can have devastating consequences. The decision to get behind the wheel after taking drugs or alcohol is both irresponsible and completely preventable, yet it is still a significant problem on Florida roads.

Drugged driving is a problem that has become a more serious issue over time. It appears that there may be more drivers than ever before trying to drive while affected by various types of drugs, from marijuana to prescription medication. Any person who takes a substance that can alter his or her physical abilities or cognition should generally not attempt to operate a vehicle.

Amusement park blamed for tourist personal injury

Amusement parks are a popular stop for tourists in Florida. Some families save up for months for their vacations, but an injury can bring an abrupt end to the fun. Recently, Seaworld was blamed for a tourist personal injury when a visitor to the park was caught in a turnstile gate.

The lawsuit refers to an injury that the plaintiff suffered in March 2015. He claims that his left leg was crushed by a defective hydraulic turnstile gate. This gate where the victim's leg was caught was located at the entrance to one of the park's many attractions. 

Misdiagnoses are common factors in medical malpractice claims

Suffering from a serious medical condition can place a considerable burden on individuals' lives. Of course, with proper attention, most Florida residents are able to manage conditions or at least understand the issues they face. Unfortunately, when doctors do not properly diagnose a health problem, conditions can worsen, and some patients may have reason to file medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a considerable number of malpractice claims result due to issues relating to diagnoses. In fact, a study conducted by an insurance company that assessed malpractice claims from 2013 until 2017 found that of more than 10,500 claims, one-third were filed due to problems relating to incorrect or delayed diagnoses. It was also reported that of those misdiagnoses, 35 percent took place in outpatient facilities.

Boat crash results in personal injury and death

Boating is a popular activity amongst both locals and tourists in Florida. It isn't unusual for boaters to drink and eat while floating on the water, but many may not realize that attempting to drive a boat after consuming alcohol can be just as dangerous as driving a car while intoxicated. Recently, there was a boat crash that resulted in the fatal personal injury of two individuals. 

The accident occurred when a 31-foot twin engine boat carrying three passengers crashed into another, smaller boat. Witnesses say that the larger boat was moving towards a local bar when it collided with the smaller vessel. Before the collision, the larger boat was reportedly traveling over the posted speed limit in a manatee no-wake zone.

Authorities caution against drunk driving as spring break nears

Spring break season is here. Many Florida hotels and attractions will be or already are overrun with students and their friends or families from all over the country. Authorities are encouraging residents and tourists alike to avoid drunk driving charges by designating a sober driver or by ensuring that they have another ride home.

Last year, there were more than 37,000 car crashes during the month of March. These accidents caused more than 2,000 serious injuries and nearly 300 fatalities. In fact, since 2013, more DUIs have been issued during the month of March than any other time of the year. 

The long reaching effects of a brain injury after an accident

An accident can cause significant damage far beyond what is visible. The internal impact of a traumatic injury can affect your life in many ways, causing pain and complications for years to come. One of the most common car accident injuries that could have a long-term effect on your life is a traumatic brain injury.

Most Florida readers know that brain injuries range in type and severity. There are many different types of brain trauma, but they all have the potential to be serious. If you are struggling with the effects of a brain injury after a car accident, you may have a right to seek compensation for both your immediate needs and any needs you may have as you seek a full recovery in the future.

Wife died as a result of medical malpractice claims husband

There are certain surgeries that many Florida patients automatically assume are riskier than others. Often, these surgeries involve the brain, spine or internal organs, and they do carry a certain amount of risk for the patient. However, procedures and precautions have been put in place in order to ensure a patient's well-being. Unfortunately, when mistakes are made, they may result in a patient's permanent injury or even death. One man filed a medical malpractice suit after his wife died of septic shock after undergoing surgery. 

The man's wife originally underwent back and spinal surgery in 2016 at Medical University of South Carolina. After the surgery, a catheter was inserted, and she was transferred to Life Care Center of Hilton Head. Not long after, the patient began experiencing pain from the catheter. Doctors removed the catheter temporarily and reinserted it the next day. 

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