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Personal injury: 2 fatalities resulted from Florida crash

While one might logically assume that the wee hours of the morning would mean less traffic and quieter roadways, in reality, that's not always the case. Many Florida travelers begin their journeys before the sun has risen. This often places drivers who are sleepy at risk, as well as other motorists or pedestrians who happen to be sharing the road at such times. Sadly, fatal personal injury occurred when a recent collision took the lives of two people.

One of the people involved in the crash was a 23-year-old woman. She is said to have been traveling eastbound when she lost control of her steering. Her vehicle crossed into the path of a westbound vehicle and the two cars hit head-on.

Banning distracted driving may reduce personal injury accidents

Florida readers know distracted driving has long been a serious concern for state lawmakers and residents. Distraction significantly increases the chance of an accident, and it is now one of the leading causes for personal injury accidents on the road. Because of the increase in cellphone use and the continued safety concerns over drivers using their phones, lawmakers are considering a complete ban on all forms of distracted driving.

As of right now, texting and driving is a secondary offense in Florida. This means that law enforcement can only pull drivers over and ticket them if they are also committing another offense, such as speeding. A new bill was recently proposed that would make texting a primary offense. The new law would allow for drivers to use hands-free devices and check their phones while their vehicle is not in motion.

Personal injury: Another fatal autopilot car crash in Florida

Advanced technology has facilitated many amazing products in Florida and throughout the world in recent years. One such product is the Tesla Model 3, a third-generation platform vehicle that contains an autopilot feature and is said to be affordable to average-income consumers. The development of such products has prompted many legal questions, such as who is liable for personal injury if a collision occurs while the autopilot feature is engaged?

That question may be a central focus of a current investigation, launched by both the National Transportation Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The federal agencies have joined efforts to investigate a recent tragedy that occurred when a Tesla Model 3 car collided with a tractor-trailer. Sadly, the driver of the car did not survive his injuries.

Police suspect Florida man of drunk driving

Florida police responded to the scene of an accident just shy of 1 a.m. on a recent Monday. While there were reportedly two cars involved in the collision, officers say only one was at the scene when they arrived. The vehicle was a Lamborghini, and the situation led to drunk driving charges for the driver.

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, police will often approach drivers and witnesses at the scene to ask them what they remember about the crash. In this case, police say they don't believe what the man told them, which was that another driver had cut him off on the road. They said the damage on the man's car was not consistent with what he told them. Deputies say they smelled alcohol on the man's breath, so they asked him to take a field sobriety test.

What causes emergency room errors?

If you have to visit a Florida emergency room, you probably assume you will get quality medical care in a timely manner. The ER is a place for patients to go after hours or in emergency situations, and the doctors and nurses who work there must be quick-thinking individuals who can keep up in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes, the nature of working in an ER can lead to mistakes in patient care.

Medical malpractice incidents can happen for many reasons. In the ER, getting the right diagnosis as quickly as possible is critical for the well-being of the patient. Mistakes in the ER often happen because of incorrect diagnoses, which many assume may be due to lack of testing or evaluation.

Hurt on a boat while in Florida? You may have a case

People choose to come to Florida on vacation for reasons that include the warm weather, the many tourist attractions and miles of beautiful beaches. One of the many activities you may enjoy while you are here is boating and boating-related activities. However, accidents can happen, and it is smart to know how to protect yourself in the event you suffer injuries in an unexpected incident.

The aftermath of a boat accident can be confusing. How can you know what factors played a role in what happened to you or who is to blame? Is it possible to hold liable parties accountable for negligence and reckless actions? If you are a victim of a personal injury incident that took place during a recreational boating activity, you could have a valid claim to financial compensation.

Personal injury claims may follow Florida restaurant accident

It is common for Florida residents and tourists to gather with friends at local eateries. It is not common, however, for restaurant customers to fear personal injury while enjoying a nice meal. Most diners reasonably expect to make it through their meal without worrying about their personal safety. Unfortunately, disaster recently struck at a Beef O'Brady's franchise. 

A group of diners became part of a chaotic scene just after 1 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. When they arrived at their tables, they had no way of knowing  a car  would soon come crashing through the walls of the establishment. That's exactly what happened, though, when a 63-year-old woman's vehicle careened out of control.

Florida drivers who run red lights often cause personal injury

A Florida motorist may be cautious and alert behind the wheel, obeying all traffic regulations. However, if another nearby driver is negligent or reckless, the careful driver is still at risk for a collision. For instance, if two cars approach an intersection and one driver proceeds to enter the crossroads on a green light but another driver fails to stop at a red light, it is a recipe for disaster. Personal injury and loss of life occurred after a recent incident like this.

Police say they believe the 23-year-old who caused a fatal accident was fleeing the scene of another crash. The driver reportedly blew straight through a red light, then struck a truck that was being driven by a local high school senior. The truck flipped over and crashed into a power pole, causing the young girl behind the wheel and her passenger to be ejected.

Medical malpractice: What constitutes failed diagnosis?

Every year, many thousands of Florida residents need medical assistance. Every person's medical condition is unique, though there are common symptoms to guide a physician to make a particular diagnosis in certain situations. If a doctor fails to diagnose a patient properly, and he or she suffers injury because of it, grounds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit may exist.

Doctors are human beings and, of course, are capable of error. How does one know if a mistaken diagnosis meets the legal definition for medical negligence? A key factor in determining whether a physician was negligent in making an erroneous diagnosis or failing to issue a diagnosis altogether is whether it deviated from the accepted medical standard of care.

Nursing negligence often grounds for medical malpractice lawsuits

Many Florida residents currently have family members living in nursing homes. While some nursing patients are able to function independently in certain capacities, others are completely dependent on staff members for care. This was the case for three different people who had been residing at the same nursing facility over the past two years, all of whom suffered fatal injuries related to suspected neglect involving ventilator systems.

In the most recent situation, which occurred last year, a 78-year-old woman was on ventilator support. However, her machine had been shut down for nearly 40 minutes. She did not survive. Two other similar incidents have taken place at the same facility. 

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