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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts blamed for tourist personal injury

Theme parks and resorts see thousands of visitors every year, and the care of these visitors falls on the employees. This includes the safety of the guests as well as their general happiness and other needs. However, there are times when accidents occur and a tourist is injured in the process. In Florida, one tourist personal injury is being blamed on Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The victim slipped and fell on a set of wet and slippery stairs while staying at a Disney-owned resort. His fall caused him to sustain multiple injuries. He was hospitalized and required nursing care after being injured. In addition to causing him pain, the injuries also caused the victim to be disabled and disfigured.

Man dies after suffering personal injury in car accident

Car crashes that result in the death of a young person may affect the person's family and friends as well as the community in which he or she lived. After a serious crash in Florida that resulted in several individuals suffering from personal injury, family members and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help take care of the medical costs and other bills caused by the crash. The authorities are also asking any others with information about the crash to contact them. 

It was just after 4 a.m. when a van collided with a small sedan. The driver of the sedan was a 21-year-old man taking his friend home from a local bar. Reports say that the driver of the van was traveling the wrong way on the highway when the accident occurred. 

Part of your summer vacation may involve driving at night

During the summer months, many people choose to go on a road trip to Florida as part of their summer getaways. You and your family or friends may have decided that this was the year to take such a trip, and you have anticipated the adventure for weeks. Of course, a road trip means that you will either be driving or riding in a vehicle for a considerable amount of time, even at night.

While on the road, you face a number of hazards, and one of those hazards is other drivers. Many people wait to start their evening activities until after dark or may have started earlier and stayed out past dark. Whatever the case, driving at night can pose more dangers than during daylight hours, and you and your companions may want to remain extra vigilant about your safety.

Widow files medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence

Medical professionals go through several years of training in order to prepare them for treating a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. Patients across the country, including Florida, trust that these professionals have completed this training and will use what they have learned to the best of their abilities. However, there are times when medical staff attempt to perform procedures that they have not been properly trained for or they fail to perform a procedure to the standard that it should be performed, and the result may be a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

A widow has recently filed a lawsuit stating that the medical personnel who performed a hernia repair surgery on her husband were negligent. The man originally underwent the hiatal hernia repair surgery in May 2017. Unfortunately, during the surgery, the man began to hemorrhage. This eventually caused the patient to suffer from cardiac arrest and die. 

Daycare fails to explain the severity of child's personal injury

There are parents all across the country who trust daycare centers with their children every day. These facilities are expected to care for these children and treat any injuries that may occur while they are there. Most of the time, children are unlikely to suffer serious injuries while in the care of these centers, but if they are, then parents usually expect appropriate actions to be taken by the center staff. One Florida mother is furious with the center that was in charge of her daughter's care after the center staff failed to inform her of the full extent of her child's personal injury and failed to have the injury properly treated. 

When the mother arrived at the daycare center to pick up her daughter, she received an accident report describing her daughter's injury. The report stated that her child had been pushed down by another child and had a cut on her forehead. However, the wound that the mother saw was much more than a small cut. The cut bled profusely and was deep enough to show the child's skull. It required four stitches and will likely leave a scar. 

Drinking while stopped versus drunk driving

Inebriated individuals are sometimes unable to properly think through a situation, which can sometimes lead to trouble. Actions that make sense to a drunk individual may not, in fact, be a good idea to a sober individual. A man was arrested for drunk driving in Florida, but he claimed that he was not drinking and driving because he was only drinking when the car was stopped. 

The 69-year-old man was arrested on June 27 after a 911 call was made by a drive-thru customer. The woman claimed that the defendant had repeatedly bumped the back of her car while in the drive-thru. Police then allegedly found the man behind the wheel of his car with an open bottle of alcohol. 

$135 million awarded in medical malpractice case

Many Florida residents may know someone who has undergone treatment for a serious medical condition. These treatments are sometimes risky and could permanently injure the patient if something goes wrong. A teenage girl was recently awarded $135 million dollars in a medical malpractice case after a medical treatment resulted in long-term health problems. 

When she was ten years old, the patient underwent surgery in hopes of correcting a curve in her spine. She had several rods attached to her spine in an effort to straighten it and provide some relief. However, instead of providing relief to her spine, the rods began causing serious problems. Over time, the young girl began experiencing weakness in her limbs as well as problems controlling her bladder and bowel. 

When others take risks with their personal watercrafts

Among the most dangerous sentences you may hear while on the water in Panama City is, "Can I borrow your PWC?" Sure, you can perfectly understand someone asking to borrow a personal watercraft, especially after seeing how much fun they are. However, passing your keys to someone who has no training or experience or who is too young to effectively handle the craft is a mistake than can lead to tragedy.

The National Traffic Safety Board and other agencies have endless statistics to support the recklessness of putting an inexperienced driver in control of a PWC. For example, over 80 percent of PWC accidents involve someone who has had no instructions for operating a watercraft. Over 70 percent of those accidents occur within the first hour of the ride. While you may be smart enough not to loan your PWC to a neophyte, others on the water may not have learned their lesson.

Driver fatigue suspected in crash resulting in personal injury

There are a wide variety of hazards on the road that may cause an accident. Some of these accidents have an outside cause, such as poor weather conditions, and others are caused by other drivers. Even a small mistake can cause a serious crash. For example, many people are guilty of driving while tired. Often, drivers are able to stay awake and complete their trips with few problems, but sometimes, the driver is overwhelmed by his or her exhaustion, which can result in a crash causing personal injury, as was the case in Florida. 

Authorities suspect that driver fatigue is the cause of a serious accident that occurred at a toll booth. Witnesses saw a vehicle traveling very quickly towards the toll booth before it crashed into the barrier protecting the booths. One of the passengers was thrown from the vehicle, and another staggered out of the car after it caught fire. 

Coaster derails and causes multiple personal injuries

Roller coasters are a favorite attraction for many theme park visitors. These exciting rides are usually carefully maintained by the park staff in order to prevent them from malfunctioning. In Florida, both locals and tourists flock to theme parks of all sizes to enjoy roller coasters and a variety of other attractions, and very few believe that they will be injured during their visit. If these rides do malfunction, then a tourist personal injury could occur.

Recently, several people were injured when a roller coaster derailed. Witnesses say that they saw the front car leave the tracks. The two passengers riding in the front car were thrown from the ride and fell approximately 34 feet. Two more passengers were seen dangling from the scaffolding under the tracks. Firefighters were able to help the remaining passengers down from the ride using ladders. 

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