Personal Injury – Trip & Fall/Slip & Fall

Donna Baggett v. Ocean Ritz Owners Association, Inc.

Bay County Case # 15-1113CA

While on vacation in Panama City Beach, Donna Baggett, a 30 plus year Dental Hygienist from Atlanta, Georgia tripped and fell over a 1-2 inch uneven concrete seam located in the parking lot of her rented condominium. As a result of her fall, Ms. Baggett suffered a fractured left wrist and dislocated right ring finger. Both were career threatening injuries. Ms. Baggett’s left wrist injury required two surgeries. Mr. Higby and Mr. Barr obtained an expert opinion from a local contractor and engineer who opined that the change in elevation in the parking lot violated the Florida Building Code. The case settled for a confidential amount at mediation three months before a Jury Trial. Ms. Baggett’s health provider liens were all satisfactorily resolved.

Paul and Heather Sorenson v. Sea Haven Construction, LLC & Home-Grown Industries of Florida, Inc, d/b/a Mellow Mushroom

Bay County Case # 15-0088CA

Heather and Paul Sorenson were snowbirds from Canada vacationing in Panama City Beach, Florida when Ms. Sorenson tripped and fell over a curb/drop off at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant. Ms. Sorenson suffered a broken left knee cap and Jones Fracture in her right foot. The injuries were devastating and life changing as the Sorenson’s were retirees who had planned to travel extensively during their twilight years. Unfortunately, Ms. Sorenson’s injuries severely derailed their retirement plans. Mr. Higby and Mr. Barr retained a prominent engineer and accident reconstruction expert, who opined that the subject curb/drop off was in violation of the Florida Building Code. The case settled for a confidential amount at mediation, just prior to a Jury Trial. Ms. Sorenson’s health provider liens were all satisfactorily resolved.

Betty Ann Shelton v. Ben McCullough


Mrs. Shelton was visiting her daughter at the Defendant’s apartment complex in Niceville, Florida. She was leaving the premises and going to her car when she tripped over an improperly placed parking stop, which was in front of a sidewalk leading to the parking lot. The matter was settled for $155,000.00 pre-suit, and after the insurance carrier was provided with detailed investigative photographs of the apartment complex, which was poorly maintained.

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Were you denied or underpaid your insurance claim after Hurricane Michael? Our attorneys can help you secure the compensation you need. We are in this together.