Criminal Defense/False Arrest

State of Florida v. D.D.

Our client was accused of Sexual Battery and Providing Alcohol to a Minor. He was on Felony Probation at the time of his arrest and was facing over 30 years in prison and being declared a sexual offender for the rest of his life. Mr. Barr conducted a thorough investigation and discovered evidence that provided a strong defense to the allegations. Mr. Barr was ultimately successful in negotiating a plea to misdemeanor charges and received a time served jail sentence and his felony probation was terminated.

State of Florida v. A.M.

Our client was arrested for Enhanced DUI (BAL over .15) while visiting Panama City Beach on Spring Break. At that time, he was on a wait list for medical school. Mr. Barr was successfully able to negotiate a plea to a reduced charge of Reckless Driving.

Kenneth Campbell v. City of Pensacola

Federal Court Case #3:13-cv-161-MCR/EMT

Mr. Higby represented the Plaintiff, Kenneth Campbell, an Escambia County middle school Music Teacher who was wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct by a 10-year-old student. Campbell was arrested and Mr. Higby contended the arrest and four day imprisonment were done without probable cause. Campbell was pictured on the front page of the Pensacola News and branded with a sex crime. The Pensacola Police and the Detective who investigated the case arrested Mr. Campbell despite every witness contradicting the alleged victim. The victim recanted her entire story after it became apparent her story could not be true, and that she was having abuse issues at home from her own parents. Suit was brought in Federal Court and settled for $125,000.00 and a public apology by the City of Pensacola.

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Were you denied or underpaid your insurance claim after Hurricane Michael? Our attorneys can help you secure the compensation you need. We are in this together.