Commercial/Construction Litigation

Sandra Haire v. Scott Haire

Okaloosa County Case # 07-DR-1037

Mr. Higby was hired to conduct financial discovery in this divorce case where Petitioner, Sandra Haire’s ex-husband claimed he had a negative net worth. After much discovery, including depositions of the ex-husband’s accountants and the husband himself, including third party discovery to casinos and other entities, Plaintiff achieved a settlement in excess of $3.5 million for Mrs. Haire. Mr. Higby worked in conjunction with prominent Atlanta attorney, Leigh Baier, on this case.

Michael Meints v. David Melvin & Brandon Burner

Jackson County Case # 08-681-CA

This engineering malpractice case resulted from a failure of the Defendants to obtain an appropriate development order for the Plaintiff, Michael Meints, who built six town homes at Compass Lake in Jackson County, Florida. The Plaintiff completed construction on his project, but could not get a Certificate of Occupancy for over eight months after the project was completed due to errors by the engineers. Meanwhile, all of Plaintiffs contracts on the six units fell through, and Plaintiff was left with the obligation for the note and construction mortgage on the project. A confidential settlement was reached after mediation, and one month prior to a bench trial in Jackson County, Florida.

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

Were you denied or underpaid your insurance claim after Hurricane Michael? Our attorneys can help you secure the compensation you need. We are in this together.