Professional Negligence

The civil litigation firm of Bryant, Higby & Barr, advises clients on either side of negligence, misconduct or other liability claims involving licensed professionals. Examples of the kinds of professional liability cases we handle include claims of negligent advice or performance against accountants, real estate brokers, construction engineers and designers, and professionals in other occupations.

Experienced Litigation Counsel For Both Plaintiffs And Defendants

When we represent businesses and individuals who need to recover the losses caused by professional malpractice or negligence, we work closely with highly qualified and experienced experts whose opinions as to recognized standards of practice in the field under review are indispensable to proof of the plaintiff’s claim.

In most professional liability cases, it is not enough to show that the defendant was negligent in the performance of a task related to the professional engagement. Your trial team must also prove that the negligent act or omission also violated a binding standard of care within the field, and that the negligence was a demonstrable cause of the plaintiff’s loss.

When our lawyers defend professional liability claims, we not only investigate the facts of the case and the applicable standards of care to develop a defense on the merits, but we are also ready to ensure that our client is protected to the greatest degree possible by insurance, whether covered under a commercial general liability policy or a more comprehensive errors and omissions policy.

While many of Bryant, Higby & Barr’s defense engagements are referred by national insurers on the risk of a covered professional liability claim in Florida, we also work directly with uninsured professionals or defendants who need advice about the scope of their right to defense and indemnification on a third-party liability claim.

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As well as cases of negligence and malpractice, our trial attorneys also handle the plaintiff or defense side of cases involving intentional tort claims in occupational settings, such as sexual misconduct allegations against teachers, coaches, counselors or clergy.

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Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims

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