Aggressive Felony Defense From A Former Prosecutor

Any criminal charge can be a life-altering event. When prosecutors bring felony-level charges, the potential consequences are far-reaching. You probably know that facing a felony charge is serious — a conviction is likely to mean jail or prison time, substantial fines and other life-changing consequences. It is essential to learn just how serious the penalties could be in your specific case — and all your legal options to fight the charges.

Challenging the power of the government is not served well using a cookie-cutter approach. At Bryant, Higby & Barr, in Panama City, our local trial lawyers combine an aggressive approach to preparing and presenting a strong defense with a no-nonsense approach to communicating with our clients. Call us to discuss your case at 850-387-0910.

Tailored Felony Defense Representation To Serve Your Interests

We take the time to understand the concerns and goals of our clients. We thoroughly evaluate the evidence and craft the best defense strategies to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. As a law firm of trial lawyers, we will not back down from taking the case before a jury when necessary to safeguard the rights of our clients. If you or a loved one is facing felony charges in northwest Florida, you need to have a skilled trial lawyer in your corner to protect your future.

Drug crimes are among the most common felony charges in the Florida Panhandle. Local residents, as well as visitors to Florida (including college students on spring break), can be swept into a criminal investigation leading to charges. We work closely with clients and their families to develop the right strategy to beat the charges or minimize the short- and long-term consequences.

Attorney Kevin Barr leads our criminal defense practice. As a former prosecutor, he is able to see each case from every angle. His knowledge of the local courts, prosecutors and members of law enforcement are critical assets in analyzing the best strategies to defend against felony charges.

Get Started On Your Defense Strategy With One Call

To speak with a skilled trial lawyer who will hear you out, candidly explain what you are up against and dependably make your defense a top priority, call 850-387-0910 or contact Bryant, Higby & Barr, online.

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