Aggressively Fighting DUI Charges In Florida

People from all walks of life — and from anywhere in the country — can face DUI charges in northwest Florida. Law enforcement agencies in Pensacola, Panama City and Fort Walton Beach aggressively enforce Florida’s strict drunk driving laws. A conviction for driving under the influence can have significant short- and long-term consequences. If you or a loved one is facing DUI allegations, it is critical to seek the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer to protect your rights.

We Build A Strong Defense First To Protect Your Future

At Bryant, Higby & Barr, in Panama City, we take DUI charges seriously. As trial lawyers, we have earned a reputation for building strong cases from the outset. Starting from a position of strength is a clear benefit in negotiations. In a criminal case, preparing for trial is critical. Challenges to the procedures used to gather evidence and pretrial motions to suppress may result in more than successful negotiations. If you have been arrested for drunk or drugged driving in northwest Florida, you deserve to have a lawyer in your corner who will fight for your rights.

DUI defense attorney Kevin Barr is a former prosecutor who knows how the prosecution builds its cases. He draws on his insight into the minds of law enforcement and prosecutors to know where to look to find the flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. He can review the relevant facts, evidence and constitutional issues from every angle to anticipate how the state will view the case. Our goal is to outwork the competition to build a strong defense aimed at obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

You Can Fight Drunk Driving Charges

DUI cases are more than a glorified traffic ticket. The chemical analysis or breath testing evidence requires a unique skill set to analyze. Constitutional challenges may be uncovered in a thorough review of the facts. We leave no stone unturned to build a strong defense.

Communication is a hallmark of Bryant, Higby & Barr After reviewing your unique circumstances, we will explain all of your legal options. Drawing on our local knowledge, we will explain the potential risks and benefits of each course of action to allow you to participate in your defense and make informed decisions.

Take Action Now To Fight Your Drunk Driving Charges

If you have been arrested for DUI in Panama City or the surrounding communities of northwest Florida, it is important for you to act to protect your rights. Call 850-387-0910 or send us an email to request a confidential consultation to learn your legal options.

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