Seniors should beware of 4 places in the grocery store

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Even though your parents have retired, they enjoy visiting the grocery store every week. Walking through the store is also likely to boost your parents’ overall health. Unfortunately, though, some parts of the grocery store may pose a slip-and-fall risk for your elderly parents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that falls are the leading cause of both injury and death for those over the age of 65. To stay safe when shopping at the grocery store, your parents should be careful in four places.

1. The parking lot

Because they have moving traffic, uneven surfaces and concrete pilons, parking lots are a slip-and-fall hazard for older adults. During inclement weather, though, your elderly parents may have an increased chance of slipping on ice or a wet patch in the grocery store’s parking lot.

2. The entry and exit vestibules

Customers may track moisture into the entry and exit vestibules at the grocery store. If employees at the store do not quickly mop away accumulated water and mud, your parents may be break a hip or sustain another serious injury in an unexpected slip, trip or fall.

3. The produce section

Grocery store workers may use misters to make produce appear fresh. If water from these misters makes its way onto the floor, though, your parents may slip and fall.

4. The freezer section

The ice that often gathers on the inside of freezer doors and shelves may detach and land on the floor in the freezer section. Likewise, as customers make their selections, ice may fall onto the floor from frozen items. Either way, when ice melts in the freezer section, it poses a potentially deadly danger to your parents.


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