When is a store owner responsible for a slip-and-fall injury?

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When it comes to safety, prevention is the key. However, some slip-and-fall accidents that result in broken bones, concussions and other serious injuries are often the results of hazardous conditions that are beyond the control of the victims. Whether you take weekly trips to the grocery store or shop in person at your favorite retail shops, you need to know who is liable for certain incidents that could cause you or a loved one harm or even death.

The courts take all details leading up to slip-and-fall accidents into consideration before assigning liability.

Property owners must act in a reasonable manner

Store owners have a duty to their customers and workers to keep their properties reasonably safe. When accidents happen that cause customers to sustain broken bones, fractures, lacerations and other types of trauma, property owners could find themselves legally liable to the victims. Premises liability is not automatically given to property owners. There are circumstances in which negligent property owners may avoid liability if they can prove the hazards or conditions leading to the accidents were not open and obvious.

Workers must also comply

The duty to keep store premises safe and secure by extension falls to the workers and includes making ongoing improvements to meet building and fire codes and safety guidelines. If there are conditions that could result in danger to anyone, the store owner must provide sufficient warning or notice to help mitigate accidents. The property owner and his or her workers must also anticipate and warn against potential safety hazards or conditions.

Bear in mind that some store accidents are a direct effect of an owner’s breach of duty.

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