4 common internal injuries from car crashes

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Because of its population, Florida has more fatal car accidents than many other states. In fact, in 2018 alone, nearly 3,200 individuals lost their lives on roadways in the Sunshine State. 

Motor vehicle crashes do not have to be fatal to be serious. Indeed, even in low-speed collisions, you may suffer life-altering internal injuries. Here are four common ones. 

1. A brain bleed

If you hit your head on your car’s airbag or a hard surface, you may develop a brain bleed. This type of injury can be life-threatening, as it may put pressure on your brain tissue. 

2. Organ or spinal cord damage

Your car’s seat belt holds you in place, likely saving your life during a car crash. Still, when you collide with your seat belt, you may sustain organ or spinal cord damage. 

3. Broken ribs

With most broken bones, you can expect to recover in about six weeks with just a bit of discomfort. If a car crash leaves you with broken ribs, though, you may have incidental internal injuries. For example, a jagged piece of fractured rib bone may puncture your lung, causing significant breathing complications. 

4. A ruptured spleen

Even though your spleen helps with blood filtration, you can live without it. Nevertheless, if you rupture your spleen in a car accident, you may experience considerable blood loss. Without immediate medical care, your life may be in jeopardy. 

Whether a ruptured spleen or something else, a crash-related internal injury is a critical matter. Therefore, following any type of accident, you should seek a full medical examination to be certain you have not sustained one. 

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