Are hotels responsible for what happens to guests?

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Your vacation is going great. Getting some sun, loving the views and exploring the local towns with your family. Everything is peachy until you slip on standing water in the hotel lobby and injure your back. Or, maybe you’re hanging out at the hotel bar and another guest gets too rowdy and assaults you. Where do you go from here? Is the hotel responsible?

Depending on your situation, the hotel you are staying at may be liable for your personal injury claim. Here are a few ways this may apply:

Unsafe environment

Just about every business is responsible for providing a safe environment for visitors, including hotels. If your injury is caused by negligence in the upkeep of the hotel premises, you may be able to sue for compensation of your injury and medical bills. For example, if there is a slippery floor and the hotel staff does not address it and you get injured because of it, they may be responsible.

Negligent security

Part of that responsibility to a safe environment is taking proper security measures. This can include cameras, properly locking doors and employing security staff. If you have a claim against a hotel, you may be able to use negligent security to prove it.

Irresponsibly serving alcohol

Every establishment that legally sells alcohol is subject to dram shop laws, including hotel bars and restaurants. Specifically in Florida, these laws require establishments to not knowingly serve alcohol to patrons under the legal drinking age and or those who habitually abuse alcohol. If the hotel bar continues to give drinks to someone who is underaged and that person causes harm to you, the hotel may be liable.

To fully understand if your personal injury claim can be filed against your hotel, you should always talk with an experienced attorney. They will help go through the situation and who is liable for what happens to you as a guest.

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