4 common side effects of a car accident amputation

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From soft-tissue injuries to broken bones, there are a variety of ways to sustain an injury in any type of car crash. Fortunately, with relatively minor injuries, the recovery process is often short and straightforward. That is not the case with more serious injuries, such as amputations, though. 

In the United States, more than 185,000 individuals go through a limb amputation in any given year. While amputations happen for a variety of reasons, car accidents are a regular cause. Getting through the first few months of an amputation can be painful, stressful and expensive. After that, you are apt to experience several side effects. Here are four of them:

1. Muscle weakness

As the human body adjusts to a newfound loss of motion, muscular atrophy regularly occurs after amputations. Unfortunately, though, muscle weakness can interfere with anyone’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

2. Infection

Because amputation requires major surgery, you may be at increased risk of infection. If you manage to heal without acquiring one, you are not out of the woods. That is, irritation at the amputation site may make you prone to infection for the rest of your life.

3. Phantom limb

Phantom limb is a common phenomenon that amputees experience. This occurs when your brain believes that you still have your amputated arm, leg or another limb. As such, you may have an itch or pain in part of your body that no longer exists.

4. Depression

Any type of serious injury can have emotional consequences, including depression and anxiety. As you face your post-amputation future, you may need ongoing mental-health therapy. 

Recovering from an amputation can take a tremendous amount of time, energy, patience and money. Still, if you have certain side effects, you may have an even more complicated path ahead of you. By knowing what to expect after a serious injury, you can better plan for both recovering completely and receiving fair compensation for your damages. 

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