What is a store owner’s liability for customer injuries?

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When shopping in stores in Florida, you may never think about the possibility of an injury. However, accidents in retail shops happen all the time. Most often, these mishaps are minor, and the injuries are nothing more than a bruise or a bump. Sometimes, though, they are severe and could include broken bones or a concussion. If you suffer a serious injury in a retail location, it is crucial to understand the liability of the store owner.

Forbes explains that a store owner has a basic liability for any injury that happens in his or her store. It does not matter if the store owner owns the building or rents; he or she holds the primary responsibility for anything that happens there. This liability not only extends to customers but also employees, vendors and anyone else on the property.

Basic rule

The rule when it comes to liability is that if your injury was a result of an issue that the store owner could have prevented, then he or she is liable. For example, if you slip and fall on a wet floor and break your arm, you may be able to hold the store owner responsible for your injury. The owner does not need to have been aware of the issue. He or she should be proactive and ensure the space is always safe and free of any hazards.


Since the store owner is liable for your injury, you can expect him or her to pay for your expenses related to it. Typically, business owners have general liability insurance. This may cover your costs. However, you will likely have to deal with the insurer to get payment. If the owner does not have insurance, you may have to go to court to collect payment.

Any injury due to someone else’s negligence can mean that person is liable. He or she may owe you damages to correct the situation.

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