Tourist personal injury: A cruise from Florida gone wrong

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Tens of thousands of Florida residents and others take cruises every year. Many find it is a luxurious yet affordable way to travel. There is always a risk of tourist personal injury when vacationers leave the safety of their own homes and venture out to beaches or on the high seas. However, hotel management, cruise ship companies and others are obligated to keep their patrons as safe as possible.

A cruise ship based out of Port Canaveral recently returned from a tour but not before eight people on board suffered injuries. The incident occurred while the ship was docked for maintenance. It reportedly involved a massive crane that slammed into the ship.

The accident caused enough damage to the cruise liner to prompt cancellation of three tours scheduled in the near future. The situation will likely cause significant loss of revenue, not only for the cruise company but for various hotels and other tourists businesses as well. The company said it has offered ticket holders for the canceled trips a full refund, as well as additional monetary benefits for a future cruise and airfare.

Tourist personal injury incidents are often complex. Whether a Florida cruise company, hotel or other party can be held financially accountable for damages sustained in a vacation accident depends on various factors, including the fine print on the passenger ticket. If a recovering accident victim believes he or she has grounds to file a personal injury claim, it is always best to seek consultation with an experienced attorney before heading to court.

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