Tire safety and road hazards are often factors in collisions

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As many Florida car owners understand, proper upkeep and maintenance can help extend the life of a vehicle, as well as improve safety. On the contrary, if a car owner neglects vehicle maintenance, it can have disastrous results. For instance, lack of proper tire maintenance can cause a blowout, which is among frequently reported factors in collisions.

Many people underestimate the value of proper vehicle maintenance when it comes to tire safety. Design or manufacturing defects are not responsible for most tire failures. In reality, approximately 99 percent of blowouts are not related to such factors at all and are later found to have been entirely avoidable had it not been for poor vehicle maintenance.

Road hazards also can cause tire problems, which can then lead to collisions. If a car hits a pothole traveling at 50 mph or more, it can cause sudden tire compression, which can cause chunks of rubber to break off from the tire. There may be federal, state or local laws that determine who is responsible for road safety and maintenance.

If a collision occurs on a Florida road that results in injury, a recovering victim may file a personal injury claim if he or she believes the negligence of another party caused the crash. The plaintiffs in such cases are tasked with substantiating their claims by showing evidence to the court that the defendant was negligent in a manner that directly caused their injuries. An experienced personal injury law attorney can provide guidance regarding how to claim negligence factors in collisions to help increase the chances of obtaining a satisfactory settlement or verdict in court.

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