Hurt in an accident while on a tour bus? Know your options

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When you are on vacation in Florida, you are probably not thinking about the likelihood of suffering injuries in an accident. This is especially true if you are traveling with a tour company. One of the many benefits of going with a group is that you do not have to worry about how to get from place to place or plan an itinerary.

What happens if you are traveling with one of these groups, and the bus you are on is in an accident? Who is to blame? You may not be certain who is to blame or what you should do next, but you do not have to try to pick up the pieces alone. It may be in your interests to seek help and explore the legal options that could be available to you.

Find out who is at fault

Most of the time, traveling by tour bus is perfectly safe. However, in the event that an accident does occur, you may want to take quick action to identify what happened and who may be to blame. This is an important step if you decide to move forward with a civil claim down the road. A tour bus is a common carrier, which means that operators must be particularly diligent about protecting the physical well-being of all passengers.

It’s not always immediately clear who may be to blame for a tour bus accident. There may be one party at fault, or there could be multiple parties liable for what happened. Potential liable parties include: 

  • The company that owns the bus, which is responsible for having trained, licensed drivers and properly maintained buses
  • The destination, if the accident was the result of conditions dangerous for passengers arriving on the bus
  • The tour company, which is responsible for hiring a safe, reputable bus company and planning itineraries that do not place travelers at risk 

Accidents are complex events, and it may not be completely clear who is to blame. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand exactly what happened and if you have any legal options.

Your right to recovery 

If you were in an accident while on a tour bus, it may be smart to take immediate action to protect your rights and seek an understanding of your legal options. Accident claims are time-sensitive and the sooner you act, the faster you can pursue a beneficial outcome to your situation and seek the recovery you deserve.

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