Florida nursing home residents at risk for medical malpractice

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If care providers in a Florida nursing home fail to adhere to industry protocol or act according to accepted safety standards, patients are usually the ones to suffer. Medical malpractice often leads to serious personal injury in nursing facilities in this state and elsewhere. In worst cases, lawsuits have been filed, accusing nursing home officials of misconduct or negligence that directly caused patient fatalities.

A current case in another state involves a patient who was admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation and for daily living assistance. Sadly, she died, and the person in charge of her estate claims her death was preventable and only occurred because of substandard care. In a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that the decedent suffered malnutrition, dehydration and sepsis, which ultimately led to her death.

The plaintiff has accused the nursing home of reckless misconduct and wrongful death, among other allegations. When an injury claim is filed, sufficient proof must be submitted to establish someone was negligent in a manner that was a causal factor in a victim’s injury or death. When planning to file such a claim, it is critical that all relevant evidence is gathered and preserved.

This is why many Florida plaintiffs turn to experienced medical malpractice attorneys for support. An attorney knows just what type of evidence the court is looking for. An attorney can also act on a plaintiff’s behalf throughout the legal proceedings. Anyone who wants to learn more about the personal injury claims process can request a consultation with an attorney.

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