Who pays for expenses resulting from injuries at a business?

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Like most Florida residents or even tourists, you likely go out to shop, dine or find entertainment at various establishments. Though your main goal for the outing is likely to enjoy yourself and pick up any items you may have on your list, you should also remember to keep your safety in mind.

It may seem odd to you and others to consider shopping or eating out as a dangerous activity, but in reality, hazards are everywhere. As a result, you could trip, slip, fall, get hit by a falling object or experience any number of events that lead to your injury. In some cases, these incidents could result in serious injuries, and you may face a number of difficulties and expenses stemming from the accident.

Business insurance

You may have never suffered injuries on someone else’s premises before, so you may feel uncertain about how to handle the aftermath of the situation. After all, you do not want to find yourself burdened with the costs resulting from an injury-causing accident that was someone else’s fault. Fortunately, this is where business insurance comes in. Just like car insurance that covers the applicable resulting damages of a crash, certain types of business insurance cover the allowable damages of an accident that takes place on the business premises.

Business liability insurance often covers medical costs and property damage that result from the actions of the company or its employees. Therefore, you may have the ability to receive coverage for your resulting costs if the company owner or employees did not take measures to ensure the premises was safe or were otherwise negligent. In general, businesses tend to take out business insurance in efforts to protect their assets in the event that an accident takes place on the premises.

Legal action

Of course, in efforts to work toward the full compensation you deserve, you may need to take legal action against the company considered responsible for your injuries. A premises liability claim could give you the opportunity to present evidence as to how the negligence of the company or its employees contributed to your injuries.

As with any personal injury claim, the process can be difficult and complex, but you can obtain assistance from legal professionals to help you throughout your case. If successful, you may gain a monetary award for damages deemed appropriate by the court.

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