There are drunk drivers in Florida: Know how to recognize them

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Any number of urgent situations can arise while traveling on Florida roadways. If a car breaks down, a driver might have to wait on the side of the road until a tow truck arrives or someone comes to provide support. There’s not much one can do in such situations except try to find a ride home if the car is no longer drivable.

Some driving emergencies happen so suddenly, there isn’t time to safely react to avoid an accident. Such incidents often occur when there are drunk drivers on the road. Knowing the potential signs of driver intoxication might help increase the chances of arriving safely to a destination. Drunk drivers cause many deaths in Florida and other states every year. When that happens, victims have recourse through the civil justice system to seek restitution.

There is no way of surveying every driver in the vicinity to ask whether he or she has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Even if were possible, there is no guarantee every person would answer truthfully. However, witnessing certain behaviors suggests that the driver in question might be impaired, such as turning far too widely or so tight that a curb is clipped around a bend. Drunk drivers often brake erratically or veer over a dividing line of traffic.

Cognitive impairment might get the best of an intoxicated driver, which can easily lead to collision. This can result in severe emotional and physical injury. Of course, the highest priority after an accident is to seek medical attention. Beyond that, many recovering accident victims seek legal accountability against the drivers who caused their injuries because successfully litigated claims can result in monetary judgments to help offset accident-related expenses.

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