Personal injury: Another fatal autopilot car crash in Florida

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Advanced technology has facilitated many amazing products in Florida and throughout the world in recent years. One such product is the Tesla Model 3, a third-generation platform vehicle that contains an autopilot feature and is said to be affordable to average-income consumers. The development of such products has prompted many legal questions, such as who is liable for personal injury if a collision occurs while the autopilot feature is engaged?

That question may be a central focus of a current investigation, launched by both the National Transportation Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The federal agencies have joined efforts to investigate a recent tragedy that occurred when a Tesla Model 3 car collided with a tractor-trailer. Sadly, the driver of the car did not survive his injuries.

Preliminary investigations have shown that the tractor-trailer was navigating a left turn when the car slammed into its side. The impact was so severe that the roof of the car was torn away from its body. Investigators are currently trying to piece together the events that led to the massive collision, including whether or not the car was on autopilot at the time of the crash.

Another fatal accident in Florida involved a different model car where the autopilot feature failed to recognize a white-colored tractor-trailer in its path. A 40-year-old man died in the collision. An experienced personal injury attorney is definitely a great asset to have on hand when pursuing wrongful death litigation in the wake of an accident involving an autopilot car.

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