Personal injury claims may follow Florida restaurant accident

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It is common for Florida residents and tourists to gather with friends at local eateries. It is not common, however, for restaurant customers to fear personal injury while enjoying a nice meal. Most diners reasonably expect to make it through their meal without worrying about their personal safety. Unfortunately, disaster recently struck at a Beef O’Brady’s franchise. 

A group of diners became part of a chaotic scene just after 1 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. When they arrived at their tables, they had no way of knowing  a car  would soon come crashing through the walls of the establishment. That’s exactly what happened, though, when a 63-year-old woman’s vehicle careened out of control.

Her car reportedly veered across a median and crashed into two other vehicles before smashing through the restaurant storefront. Five people inside the restaurant suffered injuries in the incident. Preliminary investigations showed that two of the diners were seated in the direct path of the oncoming vehicle. An airlift transport was activated for one of the victims, who required specialized trauma care.

The driver of the vehicle also suffered personal injury in the collision. Investigators are still gathering information as to what may have caused the woman to lose control of her steering moments before the crash. When incidents like this occur in Florida or elsewhere, it often leads to litigation when recovering victims seek compensation in civil court for the damages they have sustained. State law recognizes that accident victims should not have to bear the financial burden associated with their injuries if the negligence of another party was a causal factor in the collision.

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