Florida scooter crash results in personal injury, death

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As most Florida travelers have experienced, there is typically a lot of traffic in late-afternoon hours, with people heading home from work, as well as others who may be driving to sporting events or other social gatherings. If even one driver is negligent behind the wheel, it places that person and all others nearby at risk for personal injury. Many times, collisions have the worst possible outcome.

That was the case in an incident that occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. on a recent Saturday. A collision occurred between a scooter and a pickup truck. The scooter carried two occupants at the time, neither of whom survived.

The scooter operator was reportedly a 17-year-old girl who was carrying her 19-year-old friend as a passenger. Preliminary investigations following the accident showed that the driver of the scooter was navigating a left turn, moments before the crash occurred. Both girls were ejected from their seat.

The scooter operator was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger was transported to a nearby hospital but later succumbed to her injuries. In situations like this, there are often more questions than answers as investigators search for clues to determine what or who may have caused an accident to occur. For instance, if a driver fails to stop at a traffic light or stop sign and another vehicle has the right-of-way and makes a turn, the first driver’s negligence may be deemed as a causal factor if a collision takes place. Litigation often follows Florida accidents that result in fatal personal injury when immediate family members of victims seek financial recovery for their losses.

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