Tourist personal injury incident involving two Disney buses

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Disney guests headed to Epcot did not make it to the park as planned after two resort buses collided with each other. One bus hit the back of the other one, resulting in injuries to people in both buses. Disney is a major attraction with hundreds of guest buses. This specific tourist personal injury incident is still under investigation by authorities.

Between the two buses, there were 51 people heading to the theme park. Florida Highway Patrol states that 15 people were injured. While details regarding the specific injuries that people suffered are not immediately apparent, witnesses posted pictures of the accident scene to social media. Emergency response teams were seen loading an ambulance.

In a statement released by Disney, it stated that guest safety is one of the most important things to the company. State authorities are looking into the incident, and there are no other details about the crash available at this time. The reason for the accident remains unclear, but Disney stated it is providing support for those involved in the accident.

When a Florida visitor is involved in a tourist personal injury incident, he or she may have grounds to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Theme parks, tour companies and other tourist attractions have a certain responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of all visitors. This includes ensuring any buses used for guests are safe and all drivers have adequate training. Victims of this bus crash who suffered injuries may want to explore their legal options in the following days and weeks. 

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