Do you believe that medical malpractice caused your injury?

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If your doctor commits an act that places your health at risk or fails to do something he or she should do in a particular circumstance, according to accepted protocol and safety standards in the medical industry, you might suffer injury or other adverse health symptoms directly related to your doctor’s behavior. Sadly, many Florida residents visit their doctors seeking medical diagnoses or treatments only to wind up in worse condition afterward when their doctors provide substandard care. In fact, some situations have the most tragic results of all when patients die because of medical malpractice.

Florida law allows you to seek financial recovery for your losses if you survive a medical injury. You also have recourse through the law to file a claim on behalf of a deceased spouse, child or parent (if you are an adult child). If you file a personal injury claim regarding substandard medical care, you are tasked with proving your case to the judge or jury.

There are numerous ways to substantiate a claim. If you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you in court, he or she may enlist the help of an expert witness to add testimony to proceedings. For instance, if you suffer a birth injury because your doctor failed to diagnose yours or your baby’s condition or failed to take proper action in an urgent situation, your attorney might want to put a doctor who also practices obstetrics to testify that such a diagnosis or treatment would be typical in most similar situations.

While it is possible to represent yourself in a medical malpractice claim in Florida, there is no reason you must do so when experienced legal support is readily available. Attorneys know how to gather evidence and present the facts to the client’s advantage in court. If you’d like to discuss a particular situation, you can request a meeting with Bryant, Higby & Barr, where 30 years of litigation experience is the backbone of personalized guidance and support in all aspects of personal injury law.

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