Personal injury result of Florida state road 420 crash

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Anyone who has ever navigated Florida highways knows how stressful it can be. No matter how alert and cautious a driver might be, if another motorist is negligent, it can be disastrous. A personal injury situation occurred recently when two vehicles on state road 429 collided.

It was just shy of 9 a.m. when the incident took place. In most states, this is typically a busy time of day traffic-wise because many morning commuters are traveling to work. It was not yet known exactly what caused the crash; however, upon impact, a pole came down on the road, prompting officials to shut down the area to all travelers. 

Fire and rescue workers immediately deployed to the scene. The two people who suffered injuries were transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment. The sudden impact of a motor vehicle collision often causes severe, perhaps even life-threatening injuries. Speed, distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or all-out reckless behavior behind the wheel are often key factors in such accidents.

When a personal injury occurs in a Florida car accident, a victim often has to take time off work to fully recover. He or she may also need to have the vehicle involved in the collision taken to a repair shop. There are also often a lot of medical bills to contend with, which someone may be completely unprepared to meet. Such situations often lead to litigation when driver negligence is deemed to have been a causal factor in a collision.

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