Personal injury and several fatalities result of Florida crash

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No matter how cautious and alert a Florida motorist happens to be, if a nearby driver is negligent, it can lead to disaster. Personal injury (which in many cases, proves fatal) is often the result of distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or outright reckless behavior at the wheel. While preliminary investigations did not reveal the exact cause, a recent tragedy suggests something was awry moments before a head-on collision occurred.

A sport utility vehicle was reportedly traveling in a northbound direction when the accident took place. An older vehicle, which is said to have been moving at a high rate of speed, suddenly veered across the yellow line dividing traffic lanes. The vehicle smashed head-on into the SUV.

The results were devastating. Sadly, three occupants of the car that careened across the traffic line were pronounced dead at the scene. Two of them had been completely ejected from the vehicle when the crash occurred. Several people in the northbound car were seriously injured in the collision and were transported to a medical facility for treatment.

Investigators will no doubt pursue additional information regarding evidence that the out of control vehicle had been traveling at excessive speed moments before the fatal collision. Officials later stated that this was one of the deadliest accidents that has occurred in the area in some time. Florida accidents that result in personal injury often lead to litigation, especially when it is determined that driver negligence was a causal factor in such incidents.

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