Does your Florida hotel have the most up-to-date security?

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Vacationing in Florida may be an adventure to which you greatly look forward. Whether you have been before, are visiting a new area or are simply going to see family, you undoubtedly want to find the best place to stay. You may feel comfortable staying in a hotel and could even consider a hotel stay part of the fun of the trip. After all, you won’t have to make your own bed, right?

Still, as fun as staying in a hotel and generally being on vacation can be, you do not want your fun to take a negative turn because of lax security measures at the place you stay. While you may understandably worry that someone could end up stealing your personal items, you or your loved ones could also be at risk of suffering serious injuries in the event that someone tries to hurt you on hotel property.

Security measures

Most members of hotel management want to ensure that their guests remain as safe as possible. Still, some security measures may be out of date or out of order, and their lapse in security could result in you suffering harm. Some hotel security measures that could help you stay safe include the following:

  • Mobile keys: Mobile keys would involve using the hotel’s app (if it has one) to download your room key and then use your smartphone to unlock your door. This measure could cut down on the chance of an unscrupulous party finding a physical key and using it to get into the hotel or your room.
  • Providing guests with information: Ideally, the staff at the hotel you choose would provide you with information on their security measures so that you know what actions they are taking to keep you safe, along with what steps you can take to protect yourself.
  • Access control systems: Many hotels have different areas you can explore, such as pool areas or gyms. An added safety measure could be that your hotel only allows access to these areas to guests who have room keys, which can unlock those areas.
  • Surveillance: Having cameras and other surveillance technology on hotel premises could go a long way in protecting guests.

Of course, other simple measures could also help with guest safety. Having security guards who patrol the premises, having enough lighting in parking lots and other similar steps could reduce the risk of injury-causing incidents on hotel property.

Suffering injuries

Unfortunately, not every hotel will have the most up-to-date security measures and some may even fail to have relatively simple measures in place. If you suffer injuries from an assault or other attack on hotel property, you may have reason to pursue a legal claim. If inadequate security contributed to the injury-causing incident, you may have the ability to seek compensation for resulting damages from the hotel owners and other liable parties.

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