Woman says sparkling water caused her personal injury

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Florida sparkling water consumers really have no way of knowing what is in the products they drink other than by reading the ingredient list on the label. A class action lawsuit has been filed in another state because a group of consumers believes that they purchased a product that was supposed to have all-natural ingredients. They say not only is that a false statement but the products in question caused personal injury.  

One woman who says she suffered injury after drinking a particular brand of sparkling water says one of the ingredients in the product is a component of an insecticide that is used to kill cockroaches. This is one of several toxins allegedly contained in the product. The Food and Drug Administration does not have specific regulations regarding the legal definition of natural; however, it does state that the agency expects products labeled as such to be free of synthetic or artificial ingredients.                             

The company that makes the sparkling water in question has adamantly denied the allegations against it. Representatives took to online social network sites to refute the claims, saying consumers have nothing to fear because its products are healthy and contain only natural ingredients. One spokesperson also said that the ingredients the plaintiffs have cited as being toxic are known to occur naturally in certain citrus foods.  

In personal injury cases in this state, a Florida judge will listen to both sides of the problem before ruling in favor of one or the other. The plaintiff is tasked with providing enough evidence to substantiate the claim that a product was falsely labeled and that, in turn, resulted in injury to consumers. An experienced products liability attorney is a great asset to have on hand in such situations because he or she can determine which course of action has the best chances of winning the court’s favor.

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