Police say drunk driver killed 3 men

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Following Hurricane Michael, many electricians and other workers traveled to Florida from other locations throughout the country to aid in the recovery efforts in areas that were devastated by the storm. Among the workers were three electricians, two of whom had been away from their families and community for approximately two weeks when tragedy struck. All three were killed when a suspected drunk driver hit them.

The incident happened on a recent Wednesday evening. The workers were reportedly repairing damaged power lines at the time. Two of them worked for the same company and were dispatched from another state. Their ages were listed as 52 and 22.

North Carolina residents who personally knew these men shared their heartaches when news of their deaths traveled back home. A woman who had taught the younger man in high school said she was completely distraught when she read a newspaper on her lunch hour and realized one of the people who died was her former student. Those who knew the older man said he was a man of great faith who loved nothing more than being with his wife and children in their riverfront home.

The man deemed responsible for the deaths of the workers is now facing criminal charges for manslaughter, drunk driving and vehicular homicide. Beyond any criminal charges filed in such situations, immediate family members of victims may also file wrongful death claims, particularly when evidence shows that a drunk driver caused the deaths of their loved ones. Anyone with questions about filing such a claim in Florida may reach out for guidance from an experienced personal injury law attorney. 

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