Florida store clerks call cops, leading to a drunk driving arrest

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A Florida man is now facing some serious legal problems after his trip to an ice cream shop on a recent Monday evening. Police say they took the man into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. The situation began when workers called police because they noticed the man’s vehicle was damaged when he pulled into the store’s parking lot.  

Store employees say the man’s driver’s side tire appeared damaged when he arrived at their establishment. They requested that police come to the scene because the man had entered the store without a shirt and they suspected that he was intoxicated. Police arrived shortly thereafter and later reported that the man took off running when he saw them. 

Police say they located the man some time later. He was reportedly sitting in the woods, eating ice cream. The arresting officers claim they asked the man to take a field sobriety test at the time but he babbled sounds at them in response. They took him into custody and later claimed that he had become combative on the way to the police station.  

The man has since been charged with drunk driving, which can carry severe penalties under conviction in Florida. Regardless of what may have transpired on the way to the police station, prosecutors must present evidence to convince the court that the man was legally intoxicated when he drove to the ice cream store. As in all such situations, the man is guaranteed the opportunity to present a defense to the formal accusations and will remain innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until the prosecution proves otherwise.                                                                                                         

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