Fatal personal injury was tragic result of recent Florida crash

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There are times when driving along scenic Florida roadways can be a pleasant way to spend a day. However, if a negligent or reckless driver is nearby, an otherwise uneventful trip can quickly turn tragic. A recent Tuesday in Lakeland was just such a day when not one personal injury but several fatal ones occurred in a multiple vehicle accident.  

While it is not known exactly where the occupants of three separate vehicles were traveling at the time, the end result was a massive-impact collision. One of the vehicles, a sedan, was headed in a westbound direction. The crash investigation remains ongoing at this time, and it is not yet known what may have caused the driver of that vehicle to veer across the yellow line into the eastbound lane.  

The sedan collided with two trucks, one of which was pulling at empty trailer behind it. Sadly, there were four fatalities in the crash. Three of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Another person was quickly transported to an area hospital but later succumbed to injuries suffered in the collision.  

All four of the fatal accident victims were occupants of the sedan that had drifted out of its lane. Florida law allows any victim who survives personal injury in a car accident to seek compensation for damages by filing a legal claim in a civil court. When injuries prove fatal, immediate family members of the victim may act in his or her memory in court. An experienced injury law attorney can provide strong support in such situations.  

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