Overcorrection common problem in many personal injury accidents

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Many Florida motorists, especially those who are inexperienced drivers, run into problems on the road if they overcorrect their steering after veering too close to the shoulder of the road. While not entirely uncommon, this type of erratic maneuver can cause serious collisions. In fact, that seems to be what happened in a recent multi-vehicle tragedy.

Officials did not say what may have caused a southbound motorist to drift off the road moments before the driver tried to correct steering. They did say, however, that the vehicle careened into oncoming traffic upon correction, then smashing into two northbound vehicles. One of the cars flipped over and was torn in half.

Two people traveling in the car whose driver appears to have caused the accident were completely ejected from the vehicle upon impact. Sadly, there was a fatal injury in the massive collision. Several others were injured as well, including a child who was listed in serious condition.

Motor vehicle crashes often lead to personal injury litigation when a driver is deemed to have been negligent at the wheel. If a surviving accident victim or parent acting on behalf of an injured child files a claim, it is up to him or her as a plaintiff to provide evidence to the court that substantiates the claim. The same is true for those pursuing a wrongful death claim. An experienced Florida attorney is a great asset to have on hand in such circumstances because he or she knows what type of evidence the court is looking for and can help a plaintiff build a strong case.

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