Walt Disney Parks and Resorts blamed for tourist personal injury

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Theme parks and resorts see thousands of visitors every year, and the care of these visitors falls on the employees. This includes the safety of the guests as well as their general happiness and other needs. However, there are times when accidents occur and a tourist is injured in the process. In Florida, one tourist personal injury is being blamed on Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

The victim slipped and fell on a set of wet and slippery stairs while staying at a Disney-owned resort. His fall caused him to sustain multiple injuries. He was hospitalized and required nursing care after being injured. In addition to causing him pain, the injuries also caused the victim to be disabled and disfigured.

In his lawsuit, the victim states that the resort staff failed to provide him with proper warning of the possibly dangerous conditions on the stairs. He also stated that he believes that the staff failed to properly maintain the stairwell in order to prevent injuries. The victim is seeking compensation for damages as well as court costs and attorney fees.

Employees of popular tourist attractions, hotels and resorts are tasked with ensuring that their guests have everything that they require during their visit and that they remain safe during their stay. Unfortunately, because there are thousands of people passing through these places every year, injuries do occur. Those who have suffered a tourist personal injury in Florida could benefit from speaking with an attorney. Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as other damages. 

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