Drunk driving arrests down thanks to rideshares

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Bars, clubs and restaurants are a significant source of income in Florida. While these establishments make their money from admission prices, food or other sales, a significant amount of their income comes from the sale of alcohol. Unfortunately, with the sale of alcohol come drunk driving arrests. However, DUI arrests are down in recent years thanks to a variety of factors such as rideshares and police presence. 

In the past, people who wished to enjoy a night of drinking often had to rely on public transportation, like buses, trains or taxis, or on a designated driver. Now, drivers can download the Uber or Lyft apps and call for a ride anywhere and at any time. Many believe that the wide variety of transportation options are significant contributors to the decline in DUI arrests. 

However, others believe that rideshares are not solely responsible for this drop in arrests. Many believe that an increase in police presence has also helped. Some cities have set up patrols specifically to help enforce drunk driving laws. By increasing the risk of being pulled over, authorities have been able to encourage people to seek alternative ways to get home. 

As long as alcohol is available to drivers, DUI arrests will occur. Florida drivers who have been arrested for drunk driving could benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney. With the help of an attorney, a defendant may be able to build a strong defense. Accused drivers may benefit if no one was injured and no property damage was done as a result of their impaired state. Attorneys may also be able to use other information like a lack of previous arrests, a willingness to undergo therapy or attend alcoholics anonymous meetings to increase their clients’ chances of receiving a less-severe punishment. 

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