Driver fatigue suspected in crash resulting in personal injury

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There are a wide variety of hazards on the road that may cause an accident. Some of these accidents have an outside cause, such as poor weather conditions, and others are caused by other drivers. Even a small mistake can cause a serious crash. For example, many people are guilty of driving while tired. Often, drivers are able to stay awake and complete their trips with few problems, but sometimes, the driver is overwhelmed by his or her exhaustion, which can result in a crash causing personal injury, as was the case in Florida. 

Authorities suspect that driver fatigue is the cause of a serious accident that occurred at a toll booth. Witnesses saw a vehicle traveling very quickly towards the toll booth before it crashed into the barrier protecting the booths. One of the passengers was thrown from the vehicle, and another staggered out of the car after it caught fire. 

There were a total of five passengers in the vehicle when it crashed. All five were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The injured passengers were eventually released after receiving treatment. Even the passenger who was thrown from the vehicle survived and was released from the hospital after receiving medical attention. 

A tired driver can be just as dangerous as a reckless or drunk driver. Drivers in Florida who have been involved in an accident resulting in a personal injury could benefit from speaking with an attorney. These victims may be entitled to compensation for medical costs or property damages. 

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