Drinking while stopped versus drunk driving

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Inebriated individuals are sometimes unable to properly think through a situation, which can sometimes lead to trouble. Actions that make sense to a drunk individual may not, in fact, be a good idea to a sober individual. A man was arrested for drunk driving in Florida, but he claimed that he was not drinking and driving because he was only drinking when the car was stopped. 

The 69-year-old man was arrested on June 27 after a 911 call was made by a drive-thru customer. The woman claimed that the defendant had repeatedly bumped the back of her car while in the drive-thru. Police then allegedly found the man behind the wheel of his car with an open bottle of alcohol. 

Supposedly, the man told authorities that he was feeling okay and that he had never acquired a Florida driver’s license. He then allegedly told authorities that he had been charged with DUI twice before in another state. Police also claim that the man told them that he was not drinking and driving because he was only taking sips of liquor while the vehicle was stopped, like at stop signs. Eventually, he was charged with DUI as well as driving without a license. 

Many people who enjoy drinking alcohol may suffer from seriously impaired judgment while drunk. Drivers in Florida who have been charged with drunk driving could benefit from speaking with an attorney. If no one was hurt and the damages are limited then it may be possible for an attorney to help the defendant build a strong defense and argue for a lighter punishment. 

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