Daycare fails to explain the severity of child’s personal injury

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There are parents all across the country who trust daycare centers with their children every day. These facilities are expected to care for these children and treat any injuries that may occur while they are there. Most of the time, children are unlikely to suffer serious injuries while in the care of these centers, but if they are, then parents usually expect appropriate actions to be taken by the center staff. One Florida mother is furious with the center that was in charge of her daughter’s care after the center staff failed to inform her of the full extent of her child’s personal injury and failed to have the injury properly treated. 

When the mother arrived at the daycare center to pick up her daughter, she received an accident report describing her daughter’s injury. The report stated that her child had been pushed down by another child and had a cut on her forehead. However, the wound that the mother saw was much more than a small cut. The cut bled profusely and was deep enough to show the child’s skull. It required four stitches and will likely leave a scar. 

The mother was furious that the center did not immediately seek emergency medical attention and confronted the center’s director, who claimed that the staff had done nothing wrong. However, when asked to provide proof that an inspector had cleared the center of blame, they refused. It was later revealed that since 2015 this daycare center had failed to correct violations that were pointed out by several inspectors. 

Parents in Florida who entrust the care of their children to daycare centers do so believing that their children will be safe and cared for. However, if a child does suffer a personal injury while in the care of one of these facilities and the staff fails to properly care for the child, then parents may wish to consult with an attorney. These families may be entitled to compensation for medical care costs or other damages. 

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