Woman released on bond after being arrested for drunk driving

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People sometimes behave strangely while under the influence of alcohol, but sometimes, there are other contributing factors. This might include medications that a person has taken or a stressful situation with which the person is trying to deal. Florida authorities arrested a woman for drunk driving after witnessing her supposedly strange behavior. 

Authorities discovered the defendant asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle on Sunday, May 28. The vehicle was stopped on the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing and the engine running. When officers looked inside of the vehicle, they saw what appeared to be four empty sangria bottles. After waking the defendant, the police claim that she began to behave strangely.

First, she allegedly refused to remove her sunglasses, and she supposedly slapped one of the officers twice on the shoulder. When asked if she had been drinking, the woman admitted that she had been drinking earlier and had taken a Xanax. Police decided to take the woman into custody. While she was in the back of the police car, the officers claim that she repeatedly screamed and threatened to urinate in the vehicle. At the station, the woman allegedly refused a field sobriety test, began singing, threw a sock at a camera and flashed the officers and other jail staff. 

Sometimes, people mistakenly mix substances that should not be used together. There are some drugs that react poorly when mixed with even a small amount of alcohol. Mixing certain drugs with alcohol can make even a small amount of alcohol feel like much more, and other times, it can cause other serious side effects that can cause a person to behave in strange or erratic ways. Florida residents who have been accused of drunk driving could benefit from consulting with a local attorney. With a lawyer’s help, the defendant may be able to build the strongest possible defense. 

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