Medical malpractice alleged after doctor fails to follow up

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Breaking a bone is not a terribly uncommon injury. Many Florida residents, as well as many others across the country, may recall at least one classmate walking around with a cast on his or her arm or leg while in school. However, sometimes, these breaks are not as clean or as simple as they first appear, and additional treatment is required. A patient is seeking compensation in a medical malpractice suit filed against his doctor whom he claims failed to provide him with the treatment he needed. 

Originally, the patient sought treatment for a fractured bone in Aug. 2015. The doctor treated the break, but the patient continued to complain of pain even after the treatment. However, the patient claims that the doctor never followed up on his complaints. 

Eventually, the patient sought treatment elsewhere. His new health care provider discovered that the break required additional treatment that included additional surgeries. The patient is seeking damages as well as attorney’s fees and other court costs.

Patients who experience pain after receiving treatment are often worried that there is a more serious underlying problem. These patients rely on their doctors to tell them if the pain that they are experiencing is normal or if there is a reason to be concerned. Patients in Florida who believe that they did not receive proper treatment and wish to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Victims of malpractice may be entitled to compensation for additional medical costs or other damages. 

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