If a loved one died in a car accident, do you have a case?

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Losing a loved one in an accident can be devastating for your Florida family. In addition to the emotional and mental duress you are experiencing, you may have lost your source of income and your companion. There is no way to reverse what happened and bring your loved one back, but there are ways you can hold liable parties accountable for what happened.

If your family member died as a result of the dangerous, reckless or negligent actions of another person, you may have grounds for a civil claim. Through a wrongful death claim, it may be possible to secure compensation for your financial losses, as well as your emotional pain and suffering. It can be beneficial for you to learn about what qualifies as wrongful death and valid reasons to move forward with this type of legal recourse.

How do you know if you have a claim?

A fatal accident is not necessarily a reason to move forward with a wrongful death claim. In order to have a valid case, you must be able to prove various factors and provide evidence of the following elements:

  • You have evidence that your loved one died because of the actions of another person, including negligent driving or the intent to cause harm.
  • You have evidence that your family is suffering financial duress because of the wrongful death of your family member.
  • You have evidence of a fatality and that your family named a person to act as a representative of the estate.

There are various types of situations that could be appropriate grounds for a wrongful death claim. Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents often lead to wrongful death claims, but this could also be an appropriate course of action if your loved one died due to an aviation accident, medical malpractice, dangerous property conditions and other reasons. 

Recover for your grieving family

If your family is grieving the loss of a loved one, taking legal action may not be something you want to consider. While a civil claim can be a daunting prospect, you do not have to walk through it alone. You have the right to seek guidance as soon as possible after the death of a loved one, and you can start by simply seeking an evaluation of your case. 

No amount of compensation can make it right, but your family does have the right to seek to recover financial losses and to hold the appropriate parties accountable for the actions that led to the untimely death of a loved one.

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