Coaster derails and causes multiple personal injuries

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Roller coasters are a favorite attraction for many theme park visitors. These exciting rides are usually carefully maintained by the park staff in order to prevent them from malfunctioning. In Florida, both locals and tourists flock to theme parks of all sizes to enjoy roller coasters and a variety of other attractions, and very few believe that they will be injured during their visit. If these rides do malfunction, then a tourist personal injury could occur.

Recently, several people were injured when a roller coaster derailed. Witnesses say that they saw the front car leave the tracks. The two passengers riding in the front car were thrown from the ride and fell approximately 34 feet. Two more passengers were seen dangling from the scaffolding under the tracks. Firefighters were able to help the remaining passengers down from the ride using ladders. 

A total of nine passengers were taken to the hospital after the accident. The two passengers were who fell from the roller coaster were seriously injured. Eventually, most of those who were taken to the hospital after the accident were discharged.

The roller coaster that derailed had been previously cited by state inspectors for problems and put out of service on multiple occasions. In 2017, a stop order was given after inspectors found corrosion, damaged handrails, and damaged nuts and bolts over the course of multiple inspections. Also, only a month before the accident, an inspector found several problems, including excessive corrosion, damaged seats and a crack in the track. These problems were supposedly corrected before the accident. 

Thorough inspections are performed on thrill rides, like roller coasters, on a regular basis in order to protect park visitors. However, sometimes, problems slip past inspectors or a repair might not hold, and a tourist personal injury may occur. This may be especially true when rides are known to have problems on a regular basis. Those who have been injured at a theme park in Florida may be entitled to compensation and could benefit from speaking with a local attorney. 

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