Woman faces multiple drunk driving charges after 2 are injured

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Drivers across the country have been involved in their share of rear-end collisions. Many times, these accidents only result in minor injuries, but sometimes, these collisions can be the catalyst for a more serious accident. A woman in Florida now faces multiple drunk driving charges after being involved in a collision that resulted in the injury of two nearby pedestrians. 

The accident occurred last Sunday afternoon on May 6. Allegedly, the defendant’s car collided with the back of another vehicle. The collision then supposedly caused the second car to surge forward up onto the sidewalk. After leaving the road, the car struck a sign, several mailboxes and two pedestrians. Eventually, the struck vehicle came to a stop in a nearby parking lot.

One of the pedestrians was taken to a nearby hospital with what were reported to be serious injuries. Authorities also took the defendant into custody claiming that she was showing signs of being impaired. Later, she was allegedly reported to have had a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. The defendant was taken to and remains in the county jail on $17,500 bail or until her arraignment in June. 

Unfortunately, alcohol can cause people to misjudge their abilities. A person might believe that he or she is capable of driving a vehicle when an outside observer might see otherwise. Florida residents who have been accused of drunk driving could benefit from speaking with an attorney. With the help of an attorney, the defendant might be able to build the strongest possible defense. 

Source: news-press.com, “Cape Coral driver faces six DUI charges after Del Prado crash seriously injures 2 pedestrians“, Michael Braun, May 7, 2018

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