Many suffer personal injury after major crash

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A crash involving multiple vehicles is likely to result in the severe injury or death of at least one of the individuals involved. Florida residents may recall one such accident that occurred last week on the morning of April 26. The crash involved 17 different vehicles, and many people suffered personal injury because of the accident. 

Witnesses say that the visibility on the road was poor that morning due to fog and smoke. The smoke was caused by a prescribed burn about a mile off of the road. An eastbound driver slowed her vehicle as she approached an area where visibility was particularly low, and she was rear-ended by another driver. This crash was the beginning of a chain reaction. When police arrived on the scene, an additional 15 cars had become involved in the accident. 

Thankfully, no one was killed as a result of this crash. However, several people were transported to nearby hospitals for the treatment of various injuries, including an infant who was treated for trauma. Police are also investigating the prescribed burn to see if it could have been the cause of the incredibly poor visibility and, ultimately, the crash. 

As many Florida drivers know, many things can contribute to an accident like this. The weather can change quickly and without warning, and a single mistake can cause a chain reaction that affects dozens of people. Victims who suffered a personal injury due to an accident could benefit from consulting with an attorney. These individuals may be entitled to compensation for medical costs or property damages caused by the crash. 

Source:, “18 people hurt after 17-car crash on S.R. 520 – Story“, Dana Jay, April 26, 2018

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