Drugged drivers threaten the safety of other Florida motorists

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When a driver consumes something that affects his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle, it can have devastating consequences. The decision to get behind the wheel after taking drugs or alcohol is both irresponsible and completely preventable, yet it is still a significant problem on Florida roads.

Drugged driving is a problem that has become a more serious issue over time. It appears that there may be more drivers than ever before trying to drive while affected by various types of drugs, from marijuana to prescription medication. Any person who takes a substance that can alter his or her physical abilities or cognition should generally not attempt to operate a vehicle.

Drugs and driving are always a dangerous combination

Many people assume that minor drugs are relatively safe to consume before driving, yet many of these can lead to the same effects as drunk driving, if not worse. The way that a drug will affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle depends on the type of drug and other factors.

One drug some people may have a lax attitude about when it comes to its effects on a person is marijuana. However, marijuana and similar drugs could lead to dangerous driving, an increased chance for a car accident and other risks. Consider the following about marijuana and driving:

  • It can slow a driver’s reaction time, making it difficult for the driver to stop quickly enough to avoid hazards and dangers in the road.
  • It can negatively impact a driver’s physical coordination, making it difficult to drive without swerving and exhibiting other dangerous behaviors.
  • Marijuana can impair a driver’s judgment and the ability to discern time and distance.

Other drugs can make it more likely that a driver will become aggressive and make deliberately dangerous decisions behind the wheel, and certain prescription medications can make a person sleepy.

What can victims do?

If you are a victim of a drugged driver, you can fight back. You have the right to seek an evaluation of your case to determine if you have grounds to move forward with a civil claim. It may be possible to hold parties accountable for your pain and suffering. While a personal injury claim cannot reverse the effects of your accident, it might lead to compensation that could help cover your medical bills and other accident-related losses.

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