Amusement park blamed for tourist personal injury

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Amusement parks are a popular stop for tourists in Florida. Some families save up for months for their vacations, but an injury can bring an abrupt end to the fun. Recently, Seaworld was blamed for a tourist personal injury when a visitor to the park was caught in a turnstile gate.

The lawsuit refers to an injury that the plaintiff suffered in March 2015. He claims that his left leg was crushed by a defective hydraulic turnstile gate. This gate where the victim’s leg was caught was located at the entrance to one of the park’s many attractions. 

In his lawsuit, the man alleges that the hydraulic gate was not properly maintained and that he was not appropriately warned of the possible danger that the gate presented. He asserts that his injuries not only caused him significant pain but also resulted in a loss of income and a significant amount of medical expenses. In addition to the cost of attorney fees and other legal costs, the plaintiff is seeking more than $15,000 in compensation.

Florida theme parks perform numerous security and safety checks in order to prevent as many visitor injuries as possible. However, it is always possible for a small detail to be overlooked, and those missed details have the potential to be the cause of a severe tourist personal injury. Those who have been injured could benefit from speaking with an attorney about the possibility of legal recourse. Any monetary damages recovered might include payment for loss of income as well as medical costs resulting from the injury. 

Source:, “Tourist blames Seaworld for leg injuries“, Jenie Mallari-Torres, March 26, 2018

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