Misdiagnoses are common factors in medical malpractice claims

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Suffering from a serious medical condition can place a considerable burden on individuals’ lives. Of course, with proper attention, most Florida residents are able to manage conditions or at least understand the issues they face. Unfortunately, when doctors do not properly diagnose a health problem, conditions can worsen, and some patients may have reason to file medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a considerable number of malpractice claims result due to issues relating to diagnoses. In fact, a study conducted by an insurance company that assessed malpractice claims from 2013 until 2017 found that of more than 10,500 claims, one-third were filed due to problems relating to incorrect or delayed diagnoses. It was also reported that of those misdiagnoses, 35 percent took place in outpatient facilities.

A misdiagnosis could lead to many additional problems for a patient, and if a serious condition, like cancer, is overlooked, a person’s condition could quickly decline without proper treatment. In relation to cancer, most diagnosis-related claims pertained to improper or delayed cancer diagnoses. It was also mentioned that 33 percent of affected parties believed that the errors occurred due to patient evaluation issues.

One of the main reasons that individuals go to the doctor’s office is because they are experiencing health issues and do not know what the problem is. They count on medical professionals to properly assess and diagnose issues so that proper treatment can take place. As this information shows, however, misdiagnoses are not uncommon, and Florida patients could suffer as a result. If parties have found themselves in such a situation, they may wish to explore information on medical malpractice claims and whether such action could suit their circumstances.

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