Boat crash results in personal injury and death

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Boating is a popular activity amongst both locals and tourists in Florida. It isn’t unusual for boaters to drink and eat while floating on the water, but many may not realize that attempting to drive a boat after consuming alcohol can be just as dangerous as driving a car while intoxicated. Recently, there was a boat crash that resulted in the fatal personal injury of two individuals. 

The accident occurred when a 31-foot twin engine boat carrying three passengers crashed into another, smaller boat. Witnesses say that the larger boat was moving towards a local bar when it collided with the smaller vessel. Before the collision, the larger boat was reportedly traveling over the posted speed limit in a manatee no-wake zone.

Passengers on the smaller boat suffered only minor injuries in the crash. However, two of the passengers from the larger boat eventually died from their injuries. The operator of the vessel who appeared to be at fault was arrested, and his blood-alcohol level was 0.15. Later, it was revealed that this man had two previous DUI convictions. He has been charged with boating under the influence, manslaughter, two counts of vessel homicide, six counts of BUI resulting in injury and property damages, reckless operation of a vessel, and violating navigational rules resulting in injury or death. 

Operating any type of vehicle under the influence of alcohol can have deadly results. Florida residents who spend time out on the ocean must also be mindful of seafaring vehicles as well as swimmers. Those who have suffered a personal injury in an accident or who have lost a loved one could benefit from speaking with an attorney during this trying time. Victims and surviving loved ones of victims may be entitled to compensation for property damages, medical costs or, if necessary, end-of-life expenses. 

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