Wrong-way collision results in personal injury, fatalities

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Even though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, like other states at this time of year, it can get dark very quickly. Many times, auto accidents can be avoided if drivers are reasonably careful and their vehicles are functioning properly. Unfortunately, two young women were killed and two others each suffered a personal injury in a crash that involved a vehicle with possibly malfunctioning headlights. 

The accident occurred on a recent Tuesday just before 7 p.m. between an RV and a pickup truck. Each vehicle carried two passengers; the RV contained a 98-year-old man and a 75-year-old woman, and the truck contained two young women in their late teens. Authorities say that the RV was traveling west on an eastbound roadway and that its lights were not on at the time of the crash. It seems very likely that the teenage girls did not see the other vehicle until it was too late. 

Unfortunately, both teenagers died as a result of the crash. The driver and passenger of the RV both suffered injuries in the crash and were taken to a medical center for treatment. Police were unable to speak with the driver of the RV due to his severe leg and internal injuries, but they were able to speak with his passenger. She admitted to police that they had been experiencing electrical issued within the vehicle, but that the headlights had been on earlier in the evening when she was driving. 

What may seem to be a small malfunction in a vehicle can be the symptom of a larger issue, and these larger issues can sometimes cause serious accidents. Individuals in Florida who have been involved in an accident that resulted in personal injury may wish to contact an attorney. Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, or property damages, and families of victims killed in these accidents may be entitled to compensation for funeral costs and other documented monetary damages. 

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