Hit-and-run crash causes personal injury and death

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Hit-and-run accidents are among many drivers’ nightmares. Being involved in an accident can be traumatizing, even more so if the driver or a passenger suffered a personal injury. However, knowing that others involved chose to flee can, for some, make everything worse. Police in Florida are currently asking anyone with information about a hit-and-run crash that occurred on Feb. 25 to contact their office. 

The crash occurred before noon last Sunday on U.S. Highway 301 between a car and a pickup truck. The car collided with the back of the pickup and pushed it across the concrete median and into opposing traffic where it flipped over. Unfortunately, the truck driver was killed in the crash, and the other adult passenger was critically injured. There were also two children in the vehicle. One of the children suffered what were described as minor injuries, and the other, thankfully, was not injured. 

The second vehicle was abandoned by its driver after the crash. A woman, described as Hispanic, driving a white vehicle apparently came by and picked up the other driver. He was described as an African-American wearing red, white and black clothing. Anyone who has information about these individuals is encouraged to contact the Florida Highway Patrol.

Many people may find it hard to believe that a person involved in a crash would leave, knowing that someone else had been injured. Unfortunately, it does happen, but there is still a good possibility that the at-fault driver will be caught and held accountable. In cases like these, after the other driver is located, victims who have suffered a personal injury may wish to pursue claims for monetary damages. A local attorney may be able to help victims of crashes in Florida to pursue compensation for medical costs, property damages and other applicable financial losses. 

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