Drunk driving alleged against mother

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It isn’t unusual for people to make poor decisions while under the influence of alcohol. Some become giddy while others become almost violently angry. These emotional reactions can be magnified by stressful situations or poor decisions. A mother in Florida was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving with a child in the car as well as other crimes after she supposedly experienced what some might call an emotional outburst.

Witnesses claim that the defendant was driving erratically before she rear-ended another vehicle. They also claim that she was screaming and cursing at other vehicles on the road. After pulling her over, the woman allegedly continued to yell at the other driver and also beg for her not to call the police. 

When police arrived, they claim that the defendant behaved erratically. She allegedly pushed an officer and yelled in another’s face. The report also claims that after being put in handcuffs, she urinated on an officer and kicked another. After she was put in the back of the police car the officers claim that they discovered the child in the back of the defendant’s vehicle. They called the child’s father, who came to retrieve the baby. 

People have a wide variety of reactions to alcohol. Some of these reactions are more extreme than others, and sometimes these reactions lead those involved to make poor decisions. Anyone in Florida residents who has been accused of drunk driving or similar crimes can contact an attorney in order to discuss defense options.

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